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Our Services

Gillespie & Associates provides a full spectrum of psychiartic care services by our highly trained professional physicians.

We offer comprehensive psychiatric and neuropsychiatric evaluation, consultation and treatment on an inpatient and outpatient basis to individuals, couples, families and children with psychiatric disorders including major depression, bipolar, mood, anxiety, dual diagnosis, schizoaffective, and personality disorders, ADD/ADHD and learning disorders.

For further assistance in finding detail information, please call us at (626) 914 – 1980. Below are a brief information about our services.

Medication Management

Our team of medical staff is highly trained when dealing with medication use. Each prescription will have its unique role and when combined with other medications the mixture can be detrimental. Medications typically have a set daily dosage, and may require timing specifications. Pharmacologists are well versed with medications in order to avoid medical complications. A regimen is established and knowledgeable staff reviews patient prescribed drug history in order to avoid harmful drug interactions.

Psychiatric Disorders

A number of patients need assistance when diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. Our physicians provide a number of services aimed to help patients that require this special type of care. Behavioral health specialists work in conjunction with the Primary Care Physician in order to best meet the needs of the patient.

Psychiatry and Psychology

Our psychiatrists provide help with those in psychological distress. They are able to provide care with a number of psychiatric and emotional disorders. It is in their scope of practice to be knowledgeable and skilled when dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and learning disabilities. We offer psychiatric in-service for patients that need this type of care.

Domestic Violence Abuse Intervention

Domestic violence is a term used to describe violence and abuse by family members or intimate partners such as a spouse, former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or date. Other terms used for domestic violence include the following:

  • Intimate partner abuse
  • Family violence
  • Child abuse
  • Battering
  • Courtship violence
  • Marital rape
  • Date rape
  • Stalking


Domestic violence can take many forms, but involves using intimidation and threats or violent behaviors to gain power and control over another person. Usually, the abusive person is a male, and women are often the victims; however, domestic violence occurs against males. Child abuse, elder abuse, and sibling abuse are also considered domestic violence.